(Unit – 53) 2D Animation Production

Final Submission Content



Animation Tests


This is an animation for a pendulum swing. I made the swing accurate to that of a pendulum through the use of Ease in, Ease out.


This is an animation of a hammer strike. The hammer was harder to animate than the pendulum as there was a lot of sudden acceleration and deceleration that I wanted to take into account. There were also more forces applied to the hammer which made it harder to animate.

I used broken handles so that I could have full control of the tangents in the animation. This allowed me to properly control the spacing so that I could create the illusion of a forceful impact with the floor.

I also used two anticipations to make the final impact seem greater. I think that this improved the overall quality of my animation as the force behind the strike had reason.

Bouncing Ball:

This is a bouncing ball. The ball loses momentum every time that it bounces, so it has less force. This means that it shouldn’t ever bounce higher than it’s original position.

To animate this, I halved the y position of the extreme each time the ball bounced, I believe that this was a justified decision as the ground has no momentum, therefore due to the force of the impact, half of the ball’s momentum would be lost with each bounce.

Jumping Ball:

In this animation, I used Squash & Stretch to add life to the ball. This justifies the jumping motion of the ball. I furthered this justification with the use of Anticipation, which added an extra layer of life to the ball, and also gave a reason for the jumping force.

Zombie Character – Idle:

This is my idle animation for the zombie character. I tried to make the zombie look agitated or irate by giving it sudden head movements.

I think that the idle animation looks really good because the movements are very zombie-like.

Zombie Character – Walk:

This is my walk animation for the zombie character. I wanted it to move quite sluggishly and slow so I used Ease in, Ease out on the arms to add weight and I made the footsteps fall faster than they rose which helped me create the illusion of weight.

Zombie Character – Jump:

This is my jump animation for the zombie character. I made the jump quite slow so that the character seemed heavy.

I also added a follow through to the animation in the form of a bounce. It isn’t very clear in this recording but in the final version, the character quite visibly bounces and the animation is in time to accompany it.

I feel like this animation worked really well because it maintains the illusion of weight that I was trying to create in my character without looking too sporadic.

Zombie Character – Final:

This is the final scene for the zombie character. The movement is controlled by the player using either WASD or the Arrow Keys. There is a moving platform that the player can be moved with as well as an intractable ball that can be pushed.

I think that my animations work really well together and are a near professional standard because of how smoothly they transition between each other.